Jumbo Transport


A-Logistics Company  objective is to be an active partner for firms with transport- and logistic requirements in Albania as well as other countries, which are strongly related to our transport concept. Jumbo Transport is an alternative for professional transport buyers in the field of international transport. Our hallmarks are quality, personal service and flexibility. This secured by well-qualified and committed employees as well as a wide network of well known partners and agents.

Our Jumbo trucks, large-capacity road trains with transferrable bodies are used throughout Europe and are in full service to your needs of transportation. Suitable capacities must be used to achieve a maximum shipping volume. For this reason we employ so-called jumbo trucks and mega trailers for volume transports on specific routes.

Large-capacity vehicles, road trains transports are needed in almost all industries. They are commonly used in the insulation industry, packaging industry, automotive and food industry.

We operate all kinds of jumbo transport for our customers. We take on both partial and full loads. We use modern 120 m³ jumbo trucks for the transport. With a space of 38 pallet spaces our trucks fit every single shipment of your needs.

The maximum capacity allowed is 24,000 kg. This type of truck is most favorable, and lightweight for transporting voluminous goods. You can load cargo onto the jumbo trailer truck from the back, from the top, and also from the sides.

All our trucks are equipped with double GPS geolocation satellite system, in order to control the exact location of the truck in real time. Furthermore we do offer a level of security.

7.72+7.72 LDM x 2.48m x 3m
38 Pallets 24 Tons 120 cbm
Loads from sides, back or top